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University of Oregon (1991)

Strategic climatic response in architecture for Nairobi, Kenya

Irurah, Daniel Kebera

Titre : Strategic climatic response in architecture for Nairobi, Kenya.

Auteur : Irurah, Daniel Kebera

Université de soutenance : University of Oregon

Grade : MARCH 1991

There exists the need to integrate climatic factors in the planning and design of the built environment in intertropical regions. This need is usually thwarted by the lack of synthesized data on climate and design. The study explores the process of a systematic architectural practice that recognizes the climate as a basic regional and site specific resource that can be harnessed through responsive decision making in planning and architecture. The study analyzes the climate of Nairobi in relation to thermal comfort and daylighting requirements as well as energy needs in buildings. The findings are then used to formulate planning and design strategies for passive thermal control, daylighting, and integrated solar energy harnessing. The application of these strategies would greatly contribute toward the realization of more contextually appropriate built environments for Nairobi than has been possible in the past


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