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University of Florida (1994)

Symbiosis and transformation in Kenya’s Meru District (agriculture)

Goldsmith, Paul

Titre : Symbiosis and transformation in Kenya’s Meru District (agriculture)

Auteur : Goldsmith, Paul

Université de soutenance : University of Florida

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1994

This study addresses processes of agricultural systems development in Meru District. The study demonstrates how local African societies coevolve in a manner where populations adapt, specialize, merge, and diverge in various ways that allow new forms of social and economic organization to emerge over time. This coevolutionary dynamic links the Igembe Meru to their past while projecting their developmental processes into the future. Meru environmental history reflects how variation across ecological zones influences a number of social micro- adaptations. The Meru agricultural system evolved through continuous cultural symbiosis of hunter-gather, pastoral, and agricultural groups. Ethnicity followed group eco- niche specialization, favoring exchange across ecological zones and the rise of regional trade networks. The Nyambene Meru system featured in this study served as the hub of an extensive trade network spanning the region between Mt. Kenya and the southern Lake Turkana area, continues to demonstrate a high level of biodiversity, adaptive responses to modern market phenomena, and cultural institutions that embody their indigenous, cross-generational concept of social sustainability within the contemporary context of capitalist-led change. Local systems adapting incrementally contribute in turn to the processes of transformation on the national level, just as macro-level developments in turn create possibilities on the local level.

Sujets : Igembe (African people) ; Nyambene (African people) ; Meru (African people) ; Ethnology ; African history ; Agriculture ; Social change ; Mount Kenya ; Lake Turkana ; Meru District ;


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