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National Science Foundation (USA) 2016

Climate change impacts in semi-arid regions



Titre : Climate change impacts in semi-arid regions

Organismes NSF : Division Of Earth Sciences (EAR)

Durée : July 1, 2016 — June 30, 2019

This REU Site will support ten undergraduate students per year to carry out research on reconstructing climate impacts on hydrologic, soil, and ecological systems, and on energy-water nexus and infrastructure adaptations. The new 10-week REU incorporates the previous program’s unique aspects and particular strengths, including : (a) cross-cohort field exercises, seminars, and peer shadowing (b) recruiting of highly-diverse, competitive student cohorts, (c) STEM professional development, (d) an emphasis on campus sustainability practices, and (e) significant undergraduate research publication. In recognition of the critical links between scientific research and societal implications, the new REU site will include an environmental policy component through new workshops, seminars (Climate Science BootCamp), and 1:1 interactions between students and policy mentors. In addition, there will be opportunities for research in Botswana, China and Guam, the fields of study of have been broaden, and several new aspects to the evaluation have been added (including a comparison of semester long vs. summer REU research experiences).

Partenaires : Lynn Katz lynnkatz (Principal Investigator) Jay Banner (Co-Principal Investigator)

Financement : $376,836.00

Présentation (National Science Foundation)

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