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National Science Foundation (USA) 2014

Developing a Communication Network for the Use and Management of a Fogwater System

Communication Use Fogwater


Titre : Developing a Communication Network for the Use and Management of a Fogwater System

Organismes NSF : Divn Of Social and Economic Sciences (SES)

Durée : March 1, 2014 — February 28, 2015

Project Overview : The proposed research will design, implement and evaluate an information system used to support and manage a novel fog water delivery system intended to supply potable water to rural villages in southwest Morocco. Preliminary work with the three primary stakeholder groups has demonstrated that the proposed information system must function across a range of literacy levels, diverse technical skills, myriad devices, mixed genders, dispersed locations and multiple cultural circumstances. These design requirements introduce interesting technical research questions in the context of socially important development work.
Intellectual Merit  : The proposed work will add to existing knowledge at the intersection of gender, resource management, and information/communication technologies. Prior research has not investigated the integration of information systems in the design of alternative water supply systems, particularly in the context of low-literacy, low numeracy and cultural constraints related to gender. Despite a typically stronger relationship with natural resources, women frequently do not have a role in decision-making or management of those resources. The proposed research will directly address this issue by generating new and useful knowledge about the design and implementation of gender-aware information systems for natural resource management while contributing to relevant scholarship in international development and information and communication technology for development.
Broader Impacts : This research will lead to tangible benefits for study participants and stakeholders. Female water users will potentially benefit from an easy-to-use mobile-phone based system to report on water service problems ; project managers will benefit from an efficient, consolidated monitoring and management system, and the local water manager will benefit from a convenient and culturally appropriate communication system that links to local residents.

Partenaire (s) : Sarah Sterling revi.sterling (Principal Investigator) Leslie Dodson (Co-Principal Investigator)

Sponsor  : University of Colorado at Boulder 3100 Marine Street, Room 481 Boulder, CO 80303-1058 (303)492-6221

Financement : $17,829.00

Présentation (National Science Foundation)

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