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Technischen Universität Munchen (2004)

Salinity tolerance in Egyptian spring wheat genotypes

Hendawy, Salah El-Sayed el

Titre : Salinity tolerance in Egyptian spring wheat genotypes

Auteur : Hendawy, Salah El-Sayed el

Université de soutenance : Technischen Universität Munchen

Grade : Doktor der Agrarwissenschaften 2004

The study on the evaluation of salt tolerance of Egyptian wheat genotypes compared with the standard salt tolerance genotype of wheat Kharchia based on physiological and agronomic traits is not only important for Egyptian farmers to develop different strategies to increase wheat salt tolerance by agricultural practices, but it also suggests that breeders should consider to include the physiological and agronomic traits such as more tillers, high leaf number, great leaf area, low Na+ and Cl- content, high selectivity of K+ and Ca2+ over Na+, high photosynthesis rate, high stomatal conductivity, and less respiration rate in breeding programs for increasing the salt tolerance of Egyptian wheat genotypes.

Mots-clés : agronomic traits ; Egyptian wheat genotypes ; evaluation ; physiological traits ; salt tolerance  ; agronomische Eigenschaften ; Ägyptische Weizensorten ; physiologische Eigenschaften ; Salztoleranz ; Evaluierung


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