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Lapologang Support Group Conservation Park (Botswana)


Titre : Lapologang Support Group Conservation Park (Botswana)

Pays : Botswana

Numéro projet : BOT/SGP/OP4/CORE/09/02

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 5/2009 — 5/2009

Bénéficiaire : Lapologang Support Group

Lapologang Support Group is based in Maun,Ngamiland District. The group is composed of individuals who are both affected and infected by HIV And AIDS. These are people brought together and bonded by the noble spirit of Volunterism, Compassion and Selflessness. We came up with the idea of establishing A Conservation Park that will benefit the whole Community of Maun and group member’s in the process. Nothing of its kind has never been done in the district. The project will Enhance the capacity of the community, Conserve indigenous flora and preserve culture. Trees are an integral part of our evolution and culture. It will also encourage the locals to appreciate the tranquil green surroundings and feel part of the global village by joining the green revolution. The park will provide a clear, simple and timeless opportunity to recharge and be inspired, help reduce greenhouse emissions as well as keep the Ozone intact and save firewood which most people of lower income are still using. Botswana is part of the global village. We are not immune to devastating effects of weather change. Being a third world country, we do not have appropriate technology or sufficient means to turn back the tide of global warming, unlike our first world counterparts. It means that we are the ones who are going to feel the full brunt of changing climatic conditions.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 43,643.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 163,166.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 16,220.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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