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Revolving Fund for advocating Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil (Iran)


Titre : Revolving Fund for advocating Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil (Iran)

Pays : Iran

Numéro projet : IRA/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/CC/13/13

Domaine : Climate Change Mitigation

Durée : 9/2014 — 2/2015

Bénéficiaire : Gorouhe Tarviji Doostdarane Mohit Zist

Despite the fact that this waste feedstock could be efficiently used in the production of a green fuel called biodiesel, hundred thousands of waste cooking oil (WCO) is being disposed of in the municipal sewerage system in Iran every year. This leads to numerous problems such as congestion of piping systems as well of severe contamination of water resources including underground waters and rivers. Alternatively, this waste is illegally used in the cosmetics industry mainly for the production of soap posing serious health concerns such as skin irritation, rash and even skin cancer after prolonged application.
Biodiesel from WCO is an alternative fuel which could be replacing petroleum diesel fuel at blending ratios as high as 20% without any needs for modifications in conventional diesel engines and filling stations. It is worth mentioning that for each liter of biodiesel replacing petroleum-derived diesel fuel, 3 kg reduction in CO2 emission is achieved.
In order to address the above-mentioned problems and to get the best out of the WCO produced in Iran, the IRA/SGP/OP5/Y2/STAR/CC/12/04(170) project named : “Establishment of the regional site for practical training of sustainable management of waste cooking oil for the production of biodiesel as a model in megacities” has been being executed by the Extension Group of Environmentalists (EGE). The project was aimed at extension of sustainable management of WCO for the production of biodiesel and the target groups included restaurant and food plants managers as well as high school and university students, academics and general public. This was the first extension project of its kind in Iran and fully-automated 50 L restaurant-scaled biodiesel processors (BD-Pro 50L™) were designed and fabricated during the course of the project and the technology for registered as an innovation and was nationally patented. The reactors are capable of using water efficiently and as a result the volume of wastewater generated during the process is significantly reduced. The BD-Pro 50L™ was also patented with the contribution of SGP/GEF/UNDP office. During the course of the project so far, the first Training Site in Iran for WCO management and Biodiesel Production was inaugurated. Comprehensive theoretical and practical training courses and workshops were held exposing over 1000 individuals directly to the knowledge and to transfer the technology required. Numerous radio programs were produced and broadcast on Iran’s National Radio Channels. Apart from the radio programs, an animation and a 30-min documentary were also produced and broadcast on Iran’s National TV.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 5,000.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 1,500.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 3,000.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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