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Sustainable and Climate Friendly Lightening in Sakarya (Turkey)


Titre : Sustainable and Climate Friendly Lightening in Sakarya (Turkey)

Pays : Turquie

Numéro projet : TUR/SGP/OP5/Y2/STAR/CC/13/08

Domaine : Climate Change Mitigation

Durée : 4/2013 — 6/2014

Bénéficiaire : Sakarya Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Industrial immigration depending on urban transformation and geographical advantages of Sakarya, high city growth rate and by depending on all of these increases in population of the city increases the effect of present climate change threats for Sakarya. Also in the national sense, republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is aware of the increase in the possible threats. In order to have the first step against the climate change and its treats, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization published a regulation on Climate Change by covering majority of industrial sectors. In the scope of these developments about the climate change Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry took a step in an action and designed the “Sustainable Sakarya Climate Friendly Lighting” project by being partner with Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Gold Standard Foundation. Under the main scope of the project, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality will be able to develop a Gold Standard Sustainable City strategy and a draft action plan on climate change. The project has been planned as four staged. The first stage is developing a draft greenhouse gasses inventory in Sakarya province base. By the help of workshop is scheduled right after the first stage, the maximum level of attendance will be provided in order to define the climate change strategies for Sakarya Province and priority actions is needed for Sakarya. As following that, the first project activity will be applied to the government buildings by transforming the regular lighting system into LED technology. Data collected during the first three months after the finish of the project activity will be shared with local industries and local residents to create the awareness on climate change effect decrease activities and extend the project in local scales. Also the gained experienced out of the project will be shared by Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birli ?i by SATSO and, Türkiye Belediyeler Birli ?i and Marmara Belediyeler Birli ?i by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality to create the awareness on climate change effect decrease activities, extend the project and to sustain the project in national scale.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 49,200.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 150,750.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 103,650.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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