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Conservation of Species Characteristics of Akbas Sheepdogs in Eskisehir (Turkey)


Titre : Conservation of Species Characteristics of Akbas Sheepdogs in Eskisehir (Turkey)

Pays : Turquie

Numéro projet : TUR/SGP/OP4/RAF/10/Y3/10

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 4/2010 — 7/2011

Bénéficiaire : The Improvement , Introduction, Dissemination and Protection of Sivrihisar Akba ? Sheepdog’s Breed Association

Sivrihisar in the province of Eskisehir ; has been one of the settlements of Hittite, Phrigya, Rome, Ottoman, Byzantine since ancient times. The country’s most important source of income is husbandry and agriculture.
Sivrihisar is 100 km distant from Eskisehir and 120 km distant from Ankara. The town has 3 towns, 61 villages, and except from these, it has other settlements called flatland and dairy farm whose number are 27. In all of the settlements, husbandry and agriculture are significant economical activities and sources of income.
Due to different reasons revealing in Turkey, sheep breeding has retreated and a decline in the number of the ships in the country was seen. Accordingly, the sheep stock farming is dropping in common the given importance is failing off to widespread available Akbash Shepherd dogs in our region. They failed in number ; furthermore they get degenerations in their species characteristics.
The activities emphasized in the project have to be implemented to protect the genetical diversity of this kind of dogs and to supply the economic and productive ship raising. During the project, 2 female and 4 male Akbash Shepherd dogs which completely demonstrates the characteristics of this kind will be bought. The Akbash dogs giving birth from the ones fed and cared and completing three-month development will be delivered to each of 6 herd owners living in the country. Each herd-owner will be given 1 male, 2 female, total 3 Akbash puppies. Likely, 1 male, 2 female Akbash puppies giving birth from these dogs delivered to the herd-owners will be delivered to other ship-raisers, through this way, extension of Akbash dogs will be provded and the aims of the project will be reached.
The objectives of the project include allowing the Akbash dogs to maintain their herd-protecter characteristic feature, protecting our genetical diversity, supporting the continuation of traditional protection in the area.
Through the project, racial features of the dogs will have been protected and consequently, they will have been supplied to live in natural environment (together with the ship-herds), the number of ships attacked by the wolfs will have been minimized, financial lose of the herd owners will be decreased and the reasons of the herd-owners to eradicate the wolfs in this district will be removed. By this way, decreasing number of wolfs in Turkey will be prevented.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 22,980.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 14,600.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 10,860.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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