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Participatory Eco-Tourism Managment in Beypazari - Inözü Valley, an Important Bird Area


Titre : Participatory Eco-Tourism Managment in Beypazari - Inözü Valley, an Important Bird Area

Pays : Turquie

Numéro projet : TUR-05-03

Domaine : Biodiversity

Durée : 12/2005 — 12/2005

Bénéficiaire : Nature Society

The Beypazari Province is located 100 km west of Ankara city center. Traditional architecture and cultural characteristics of the region are largely protected. Therefore, Beypazari became one of the nationally important tourism attraction points over the last years. Inözü Valley located to the north of the province is of exceptional value for its biodiversity and archeological ruins. The riparian part of the valley is protected as a Natural Sit and rocky hillsides are protected as an Archeological Sit. The site is internationally important for bird species. At least ten pairs of Black storks (Ciconia nigra) that nest on the cliffs make the valley qualify as an Important Bird Area. Furthermore, many raptors breed in the valley. Some key breeding bird species are Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), lanner falcon (Falco biarmicus), long-legged buzzard (Buteo rufinus), raven (Corvus corax) and ruddy shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea). There is also rich diversity of plant and butterfly species in the site. Inözü Valley is already one of the main attraction centers of the Beypazari. Nevertheless, the locals of Beypazari are not aware of the biological richness of the valley and existence of large bird species that breed very close to main settlement area. Human activities and demands for daily tourism are increasing over the last years. Therefore, there is an urgent need to inform local people about ways of nature-friendly use of the valley and develop the infrastructure for nature tourism, in order to ensure the sustainable use of the site in the long run and prevent any possible Threats that may arise from increasing tourism activities. Development of nature tourism with the participation of local people at the Inözü Valley is one of the main demands Beypazari. The project aims to inform the local people, stakeholders and decision makers in the region on the importance of the valley. A protocol is signded by the Nature Society and the Beypazari Municipality. A "Nature House" will be created to give tourists information on where, when and how tey can observe different annimal or plant species in the region and Beypazari wildlife. The natural richness of the district will be shown through the launch of the local products such as silver rosettes featuring vulture and squirrel motifs. Stichers with pictures of birds and butterflies will be prepared for local food packages. Postcards, brochures and posters portraying nature in the district will also be created. A historic mansion in the center of the district will be redesigned and converted into a "Nature house" that will provide visitors with information on the nature of the region and suggest various walking paths. Several sign post will be set up in the central area and at Inozu Valley in the north of Beypazari to familiaraize the visitors with the species of the region.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 44,000.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 121,352.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 12,578.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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