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Wadi Hydrology

CRC Press

Titre : Wadi Hydrology

Auteur (s) : Zekai Sen
Editeur : CRC Press
Date de parution : 2008
Pages : 368

The literature of hydrology abounds with texts on the hydrological and water resource problems the humid regions. However, this is not the case for the arid or semi arid regions. The situation is exemplified by the fact a concrete definition for the term "wadi", as accepted by UNESCO for describing these areas, is difficult to find.

This book :
(1) Outlines the surface features that play a significant role in the formation of runoff and groundwater storage
(2) Presents calculation methods for practical use in the design, development, and management of water resources
(3) Reviews current methods and proposes new alternatives for arid and semi-arid region hydrograph analysis
(4) Discusses groundwater recharge, aquifer parameter determination from field work, and tests
(5) Covers chemical constituents in the light of geological, hydrological, and practical field discussions
(6) Provides groundwater management rules for a single wadi or among multiple wadis
(7) Describes erosion, sedimentation, and dispersion phenomena and their significance in engineering applications

CRC Press

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