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Climate Change and Adaptation


Titre : Climate Change and Adaptation

Auteur (s) : Neil Leary, James Adejuwon, Vicente Barros, Ian Burton, Jyoti Kulkarni and Rodel Lasco >
Editeur : Earthscan
Date de parution : 2007
Pages : 400

The IPCC, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007, makes clear that while climate change mitigation is vital, the world must also begin to adapt. But how best can this be achieved ? This authoritative volume (along with its companion on vulnerability), resulting from the work of the Assessments of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate Change (AIACC) project launched with the IPCC in 2002, is the first to provide an in-depth investigation of the stakes in developing countries. It covers current practices for managing climate risks, deficits between current practices and needs, the changing nature of the risks due to human caused climate change, strategies for adapting to changing risks, and the need to integrate these strategies into development planning and resource management. The book also identifies obstacles to effective adaptation and explores measures needed to create conditions that are favourable to climate change adaptation.

Adapting Conservation Strategies to Climate Change in Southern Africa
Benefits and Costs of Adapting Water Planning and Management to Climate Change and Water Demand Growth in the Western Cape of South Africa
Indigenous Knowledge, Institutions and Practices for Coping with Variable Climate in the Limpopo Basin of Botswana
Community Development and Coping with Drought in Rural Sudan
Past, Present and Future Adaptation by Rural Households of Northern Nigeria
Adapting to Drought, Zud and Climate Change in Mongolia’s Rangelands
Local Perspectives on Adaptation to Climate Change : Lessons from Mexico and Argentina

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