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Advances in Arid Horticulture : Vol. I : Present Status

Lucknow, International Book Distributing Co

 Advances in Arid Horticulture : Vol. I : Present Status

 Auteur (s) : P.L. Saroj, B.B. Vashishtha, D.G. Dhandar

Lucknow, International Book Distributing Co
Date de parution : 2004
Pages : 628


A vast land resource (39.54 m ha) in the country characterized as arid region is under utilized, having good potential for quality production of several horticultural crops.

The horticulture can play vital role in diversification of these untapped natural resources. Despite immense potential, meager efforts have been made for sustainable production of horticultural commodities without any adverse effect on such complex-diverse-risk prone system, though the government is giving high emphasis on optimum utilization of the rainfed and marginal lands through horticulture.

Since, the development of arid horticulture is comparatively recent, hence the published literature on this vital subject is also scanty. Therefore, an effort was made to compile the work done so far in the field of arid horticulture with special reference to Indian scenario in form of a book to develop the knowledge base of all those involved in research the development of arid horticulture.

This book will be useful for the scientists, teachers, researchers, students, policy makers and also for the arid crop based industry personnel. The contributors of different chapters included in the book are eminent in their field."

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