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Biodiversity of Desert National Park Rajasthan

Kolkata, Botanical Survey of India

Auteur (s) : V. Singh and Monika Singh

Kolkata, Botanical Survey of India
Date de parution : 2006
Pages : 344


The present book on the Biodiversity of Desert National Park deals with 245 species of higher plants and 270 species of animals. Besides geographical position and topography, the abiotic components viz. geology, soils, water, climatic conditions, which determine the composition of biota in an ecosystem, have been discussed in details.

Correct and valid names have been adopted for the floral and faunal elements along with local and English names. The keys have been provided for plant species from infra-specific to family level for easy identification. The short diagnostic description, phenology, ecology and distributional aspects have been provided under each plant species.

Besides statistical synopsis of floral composition and comparison of biodiversity of Desert National Park with rest part of Thar Desert, the phytogeographical and biological spectra have also been worked out to determine the routes of migration and phytoclimate respectively. Bioperspective value of the park has been assessed to determine the economic potentiality and sustainable utilization of bioresources.

The faunal diversity includes both invertebrate and vertebrate fauna, arranged in a classified manner, along with localities of occurrence. The shelter and feeding habits of vertebrates and their dependency on vegetation have been provided to determine plant-animal relationship and flow of energy. Details about the endemic and threatened species of plants and animals, along with causes of threats, have been given for proper management of the Park.

About 93 colour photographs of habitats and plants and animals, along with 25 illustrations of plant species, have been provided. The data has not only been provided in tabular form, but histograms, graphs, figures, etc are used to illustrate the findings. It is hoped that the book will prove a milestone in the management of the Park."

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