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Growing Pearlmillet in India

Allahabad, Kitab Mahal

Auteur (s) : R.C. Gautam

Allahabad, Kitab Mahal
Date de parution : 2003 _Pages : 212


I. Introduction
II. Pearlmillet (Bajra) as staple food crop
III. Climate for pearlmillet.
IV. Nutritive value of pearlmillet.
V. Uses of pearlmillet.
VI. Botany of pearlmillet.
VII. Crop improvementI.
VIII. Production of hybrid seeds in pearlmillet.
IX. Agronomic practices for the cultivation of pearlmillet
X. Nutritional requirement
XI. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer application
XII. Nutrient uptake pattern.
XIII. Secondary and micronutrient fertilization.
XIV. Water requirement of pearlmillet.
XV. Moisture conservation research for dryland areas.
XVI. Cropping systems
XVII. Insect, pest and disease control in pearlmillet.
XVIII. Harvesting and yield.
XIX. Cultivation of pearlmillet fodder crops.
XX. Summary.
XXI. Future strategy for agronomic research on pearlmillet.
XXII. References..

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