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Kazak Steppe Conservation and Management


Titre : Kazak Steppe Conservation and Management Pays : Kazakhstan

Organisme de financement  : UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

Organisme d’exécution  : Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Hunting Committee

Approuvé le : February 22, 2008

Finalité et objectifs
The objective of this project is to expand the protected area system of Kazakhstan to ensure an improved coverage of steppe ecosystems.

Project Components
1. PA System of Kazakhstan contains representative samples of steppe ecosystem under various conservation management regimes and is effective in protecting ecosystems and ecological processes ;
2. The systemic, institutional and individual capacity for steppe conservation is strengthened
3. Tools for landscape-level steppe conservation planning and management are developed and implemented by key stakeholders.

Résultats attendus
Bird Wathchers are trying to catch the right moment and focus •Buiratau State national nature park and Altyn Dala State nature rezervat established ; •Work completed to prepare justifications for expansion of the existing and establishment of new steppe protected areas ; •Proposals submitted on upgrading the PA legislation to the Parliament of Kazakhstan ; •Monitoring and knowledge management system for Irgiz-Torgai-Zhylanshyk steppe ecosystem is used for landscape level landuse planning ; •Ecological corridors management mechanisms determined ; •Annual report on saiga habitat and biological parameters prepared at pilot PAs ; •Analysis made for different financing models for steppe PAs ; •Capacity built for pilot PA staff.

Informations financières
GEF Grant : 2,215,000 US$
Cofin Amount : 2,595,000 US$
Project Cost : 5,702,400 US$

GEF (Global Environment Facility )

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