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Grid-connected Photovoltaic Project


Titre : Grid-connected Photovoltaic Project

Pays  : Mexico

Organisme de financement  : UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
Organisme d’exécution  : Electrical Research Institute and Federal Electricity Commission

Approuvé le : May 01, 2007

Finalité et objectifs :
The proposed project aims at establishing the basic conditions to facilitate the wide-spread market introduction of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Mexico, with the two fold purpose of :
a) reducing or softening the peak electrical demand in regions with high peak-to-base ratio of electric power demand, resulting from the intensive use of cooling and air conditioning equipment ;
b) supporting the grid where the peak supply capacity is limited.

Informations financières
GEF Grant : 1,000,000 US$
Cofin Amount : 1,000,000 US$
Project Cost : 2,000,000 US$

GEF (Global Environment Facility)

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