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Mobilizing Communities To Support Girls’ Healthy Development And Education In Senegal


Titre : Mobilizing Communities To Support Girls’ Healthy Development And Education In Senegal

Pays : Sénégal

Numéro projet : Project number : 2015-053

Durée : Project start date : January 2016 - Project end date : March 2017

The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to GMP to promote girls’ well-being and education through an approach that includes culturally appropriate activities that include grandmothers and that facilitate community-wide dialogue and consensus for positive change for girls. Whereas many development programs seek change by focusing on individuals, GMP’s unique approach to change involves facilitating change at the community level. This project will work with communities to position grandmothers as active and vital participants in the support and protection of girls, and to reinforce new attitudes and practices attained in the communities where activities have previously taken place to ensure that these positive changes are strengthened and sustained.

This project includes four key activities, all of which will be carried out in close collaboration with the District Education Office in Velingara :
Activity 1 : Two-day Intergenerational (IG) Forums involve community members in open dialogue on issues related to girls’ healthy development and education. IG forums bring together representatives of various community groups, including grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, teachers, adolescent girls and boys. This approach gives everyone a chance to take part in decisions that impact girls. T
Activity 2 : One-day Women and Girls forums bring together adolescent girls, mothers, and grandmothers, as well as female teachers, to discuss topics of importance to girls’ well-being and education. These female-only forums promote more open discussion on topics about which some women, and especially girls, may feel less comfortable discussing in a setting that includes men and boys.
Activity 3 : Community Days of Solidarity bring together leaders from different communities, including religious leaders, community elders and teachers, to discuss early/forced marriage, female genital mutilation, teen pregnancy and girls’ education. These gatherings strengthen solidarity among community leaders so that they can work more effectively together to bring about action to change harmful norms, such as child marriage.
Activity 4 : A series of community radio programs will be broadcast to discuss the importance of children’s/girls’ education, including interviews of girls, grandmothers, women and adolescent boys supporting this topic. Given the popularity of radio, it is an effective medium for reaching a broad audience to raise awareness and educate communities on these very important issues

Bénéficiaire (s) : The Grandmother Project (GMP)

Présentation : Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation

Page publiée le 5 août 2017