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Engaging Grandmothers to Promote Girls’ Development and Success at School in Senegal


Titre : Engaging Grandmothers to Promote Girls’ Development and Success at School in Senegal

Pays : Sénégal

Numéro projet : Project number : 2012-116

Durée : Project start date : January 2013 - Project end date : December 2013

The rationale for grandmother involvement is multi-faceted : they have considerable influence in family decision-making regarding girls, especially with their sons ; they play a leading role in determining community norms and must be involved if such norms are to be changed ; and girls in the program area are more comfortable discussing sensitive issues with their grandmothers than with their mothers (a culturally-grounded pattern in African societies). GMP’s experience suggests that these intergenerational ties constitute a critical link in communication on all issues related to girls and women.

The Grandmother Project (GMP) methodology based on community dialogue consists of a series of activities with community members and with children in schools. Between 2008 and 2011, these activities were carried out in 20 communities and schools while 14 other communities and schools in the Velingara district were not involved in the earlier program. Both local government and education officials have officially requested that the strategy be reinforced in the 20 original communities and extended to the 12 new communities in order to cover the entire school district.
Two key activities in the community program involve : * Activity 1 : Intergenerational (IG) forums to discuss issues related to girls’ health and development. * Activity 2 : Activities with primary school teachers and children to promote positive cultural traditions for Girls Holistic Development while at the same time discouraging others.
GMP has obtained some funding from the Dutch Embassy in Senegal and from the Gianturco Foundation in California for activities with schools and, therefore, the present proposal is to request funds for the intergenerational forums activity.
Objectives of the intergenerational forums are : * Encourage reflection on issues related to the development, education and well - being of children in general, and specifically of girls ; * Promote mutual respect between elders, adults and young men and women ; * Help communities to discuss taboo issues related to Girls Holistic Development ; * Acknowledge and reinforce grandmothers’ role as culturally designated teachers and advisors in families and in the communities.

Bénéficiaire (s) : The Grandmother Project (GMP)

Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation

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