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Dealing with extreme drought in the Sahel (Niger)


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Dealing with extreme drought in the Sahel (Niger)

Support to 10000 food insecure families in Niger

Région/Pays : Niger

Code : 107956

Durée : 2012-03-23 to 2012-09-30

Contexte : Niger is situated in the Sahel region of Africa. The region has four seasons, two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. The agricultural and livestock production in the area is depending on the availability of sufficient rainwater. In normal circumstances farmers can produce enough to survive the dry season. However, if in a rainy season there is no no or not enough rain, production is not sufficient and this can lead to severe and even fatal food insufficiency and insecurity, depending on the vulnarability of families (their stocks and other means). This is what happened in the end of 2011, when the rainy season was dry. As a result farm productions were almost zero and people did not have enough food to cover the period to the next production

Descriptif  : As a result of the climate conditions in the Sahel regions, the food security of people is alarmingly decreasing at the end of the dry season. On top of this, the inhabitants of the border regions with Mali, feel an extra pressure, as a result of the influx of refugees coming from Mali. This project supports families in their access to food and helps to protect their livelihood assets

Objectifs  : * people reached with support for the family food supply. * Family livelyhood assets, cattle, protected * Disaster Recovery

Mise en œuvre : CAFOD

Financement : SMHO ; Stichting Melania ; RFR ; Stichting YotM ; HIT Foudation

Budget Total  : € 200000,00


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