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Life saving support for IDPs Iraq


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Life saving support for IDPs Iraq

Providing humanitarian assistance and capacity building in Iraq

Région/Pays : Irak

Code : 112977

Durée : 2015-12-01 to 2016-04-30

Contexte _Iraq faces a complex, and growing humanitarian crisis. Over 10 million people currently require some form of humanitarian assistance. Since January 2014 to 29 September 2015, (3,206,736) IDPs were identified, dispersed across 103 districts and 3,476 locations in Iraq. The governorates hosting the largest IDP populations remain Anbar, Baghdad, and Dahuk with a total of 1,587,600 individuals. A total of 87% of the displaced population (2,787,744 individuals) have fled Anbar, Ninewa and Salah al-Din. Following the Ramadi Crisis, since 1 April 2015 just over half a million individuals were displaced from Anbar. The humanitarian crisis is unpredictable and could quickly become catastrophic, outpacing the ability of humanitarian partners to respond, faced with deteriorating conditions, millions of Iraqi families may choose to migrate. Malnutrition is emerging, a problem which will impact children for a lifetime.

The project supports Internally Displaced and local People who are (severely) affected by the crisis in Northern Iraq. It aims to improve their food security, living conditions and well-being through the distribution of cash that can be used for shelter, food, household and medical or psycho-social services. Cordaid works closely together with Caritas Iraq and builds upon Caritas Iraq’s capacity.

* Multi purpose cash assistance for internally displaced families * Capacity building of Caritas Iraq through 3 trainings and continued support

Groupe cible : Humanitarian assistance is provided to vulnerable internally displaced people who fled the horrific atrocities by ISIS and who are now in Iraqi Kurdistan. Capacity building is aimed at increasing Caritas Iraq’s capacity through several training in Project Cycle Management, Emergency Response and Preparedness, Protection and Human Rights.

Mise en œuvre : Caritas Irak

Financement : Cordaid Mensen in Nool

Budget Total  : € 166251,00


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