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Water Shops for India


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Water Shops for India

Région/Pays : Inde

Code : 110165

Durée : 2016-06-02 to 2021-06-02

Contexte : The temperature rise, which could be even more extreme along the coasts, will cause drastic changes in India’s rain cycles that threaten water supplies and agriculture which is the key source of livelihood for most of India’s 1.2 billion people. The drought situation in Gujarat and Rajasthan is critical. Frequently the monsoon is delayed which causes drinking water scarcity. The government is providing water during the period of drought but that is not enough and the water is sometimes brackish.

Descriptif  : The drought situation in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan is critical and is the cause of shortage of drinking water during the dry period. The construction of special Raincap tanks and waterboxes in 7 communities will provide access to water for the inhabitants. The water will be sold in watershops by local entrepreneurs who can generate an additional income

Objectifs  : The watershops will be operated by local entrepreneurs and the creation of employment is another goal of the project. The project is a pilot and will be used to search for new funds so that the project can be scaled up. Another goal is to join forces to improve the international position of the Dutch water sector.
Goals : * Actors that implemented pilots re. disaster prepared program *Concrete improvements in DRR policy with relevant actors

Groupe cible : All the inhabitants of the selected villages will be the beneficiaries. They are the consumers of the water. The entrepreneurs of the watershops are also beneficiaries because they will have the opportunity to earn some additional money.

Mise en œuvre : Aqua-Aero-WaterSystems BV — UNNATI

Financement : SMHO ; Stichting Melania ; RFR ; Stichting YotM ; HIT Foundation

Budget Total  : € 250000,00


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