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Supporting Natural Resources Operations (Afghanistan)


Titre : Supporting Natural Resources Operations (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

Code projet : 44411-012

Secteur : Agriculture, natural resources and rural development - Agricultural policy, institutional and capacity development - Irrigation - Land-based natural resources management - Water-based natural resources management

Date approbation : 11 May 2016

The proposed TA will employ a consultant for a total of 18 person-months (to be spread over a 2 year period). The TA’s impact is to improve the capacity of IAs to implement natural resources projects, and help the Government to improve implementation efficiency in ADB’s Agriculture and Natural Resources sector portfolio. The proposed outcome is an improved performance of ADB’s natural resources portfolio, which would be reflected in (i) satisfactory ratings for active projects, (ii) achievement of contract award and disbursement projections, and (iii) due diligence of ADB’s pipeline projects. The TA would also assist IAs in reviewing key project documents, including but not limited to (i) preparation of draft RFPs, (ii) preparation of procurement plans, (iii) bidding documents, (iv) bid evaluation, (v) contract negotiations and (vi) subsequent contract administration. The consultant will be recruited by ADB and based in AFRM, and report directly to ADB.
The TA will also help ADB’s AFRM to provide effective supervision of its natural resources portfolio, increased frequency of project reviews and timely identification and resolution of implementation issues. Currently there is only one National Officer at the Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM) involved full-time in supervision and administration of the considerable amount of natural resources projects currently implemented in Afghanistan. The TA will play a critical role to achieving natural resources development results in Afghanistan. The sector division and AFRM will continue to provide oversight, track progress, and maintain close liaison with the Government and coordination of donors.

Financement : * TA 7994-AFG : Supporting Natural Resources Operations ATF - Netherlands TA GrantUS$ 1.50 million * TA 7994-AFG : Supporting Natural Resources Operations ATF - Netherlands TA Grant US$ 675,000.00

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