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Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources (Mongolia)


Titre : Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources (Mongolia)

Pays : Mongolie

Code projet : 50012-001

Secteur : Agriculture and Natural Resources - Agriculture, natural resources and rural development

Date approbation : 18 Nov 2016

Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) are the heritable materials maintained within and among tree species that are of economic, environmental, scientific or societal value. They are crucial to the adaptation and protection of Mongolia’s ecosystems, landscapes, and production systems, yet are subject to increasing pressures and unsustainable use. Climate change and other anthropogenic factors are decreasing forest cover. National and subnational strategies are critical missing pieces for Mongolia’s conservation of FGR and their sustainable use. Strategies for conservation of FGR are needed to ensure the conservation of key FGR and their evolutionary abilities for the future. Definition and implementation of conservation strategies provide a good justification for coordination and collaboration and cost-effective investments in conservation of FGR. At the same time, lack of trained personnel is a major impediment to developing and implementing FGR strategies and projects. Capacity building is crucial to ensure the skills needed are available to address FGR management in times of rapid social and economic change.

The technical assistance (TA) will support the government’s forest policies, particularly the Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism (MEGDT) Forest Conservation Program, and strengthen government initiatives to develop FGRs assessment, characterization and monitoring systems. It will support one of six National Development Strategy priorities : contain the depletion of animal and plant life, and create conditions for their natural recreation and sustainable use. It will also take measures to (i) study the dispersal and reserves of rare and extremely rare plant species, (ii) create and protect their gene pool, (iii) establish a system of registration, information and monitoring, (iv) elaborate a plan for their proper use, and (v) provide for restoration and cultivation of rare plants.

Financement : TA 9233-MON : Conservation and Storage of Forest Seed Genetic Funds Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction US$ 500,000.00

Asian Development Bank

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