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Barani Integrated Water Resources Sector Project (Pakistan)


Titre : Barani Integrated Water Resources Sector Project (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

Code projet : 39364-013

Secteur : Agriculture, natural resources and rural development - Agricultural policy, institutional and capacity development - Irrigation - Rural water supply services

Date approbation : 03 Mar 2008

As of today, less than 10% of total crop output is produced from the Barani cultivated land of Punjab and North West Frontier provinces. This low productivity that affects 18.6% and 49% of the Punjab and NWFP total cultivated area respectively is further constraining an already low national agricultural growth and is forcing Barani residents to migrate or live in poverty. Yet significant gains in agriculture and livestock productivity and related economic growth can be obtained through water resources development for which little investment support has been made available to date. With suitable topography and rainfall, the best potential option appears to be the development of water storage through the construction of small to medium dams. Previous experiences show however that small to medium dam development in Barani areas needs to be developed through an integrated approach to ensure the full development of the potential economic benefits. As such, the provision of the infrastructure will need to be demand driven and accompanied with the development of community managed irrigation schemes, on farm water management support, irrigated agriculture and market linkages development support, watershed conservation to prevent fast sedimentation and targeted support to ensure the full development of stored water uses for drinking and other purposes.

The expected impact of the proposed project is improve household income and health in the districts of Attock, Rawalpindi, Jehlum and Chakwal in the barani areas of Punjab province. These four districts were selected due to their high percentage of rainfed agriculture compared to other districts in the barani areas and their high potential for water storage development. The project’s outcome is to increase crops and livestock productivity and households’ access to domestic water supply. This will be obtained from the conversion of 11,500 hectares (ha) of rainfed agricultural land into irrigated land and the improvement of irrigation on 10,000 ha in existing systems. Two representatives’ subprojects ("core subprojects") were selected to assess the Project’s feasibility with regards to technical, social, financial and economic aspects as well as to social and environmental safeguards. The selection of core subprojects was based on size of investment, type of proposed dam, representative geographic and social conditions, severity of environmental and resettlement impacts.

Financement : * Loan 2411-PAK : Barani Integrated Water Resources Sector Project (formerly Community Storage and Irrigated Agriculture Development Sector Project) Ordinary capital resources US$ 55.00 million * Loan 2412-PAK : Barani Integrated Water Resources Sector Project (formerly Community Storage and Irrigated Agriculture Development Sector Project) Concessional ordinary capital resources / Asian Development Fund US$ 20.00 million

Asian Development Bank

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