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Sindh Growth and Rural Revitalization Program (Pakistan)


Titre : Sindh Growth and Rural Revitalization Program (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

Code projet : 41545-023

Secteur : Agriculture, natural resources and rural development - Agro-industry, marketing, and trade Finance - Insurance and contractual savings Health - Health system development Public sector management - Economic affairs management - Public expenditure and fiscal management Transport - Road transport (non-urban)

Date approbation : 24 Jun 2010

The program will support accelerated and sustainable economic growth in the province of Sindh in Pakistan (Sindh). This will be achieved by reforming public expenditure management and improving the business environment for the private sector to participate in infrastructure investments and service delivery. The program will stimulate economic activity, which will create employment opportunities. Gender mainstreaming at policy and project design levels will ensure that benefits accrue to both men and women in Sindh. The program will thus help reduce poverty, starting with rural Sindh

Financement : Loan 2645-PAK : Sindh Growth and Rural Revitalization Program - Subprogram 2 Concessional ordinary capital resources / Asian Development Fund US$ 120.00 million

Asian Development Bank

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