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Aridity Droughts and Human Development


Titre : Aridity Droughts and Human Development

Original French edition published by Masson, Paris, 1995

Auteur : Mainguet, Monique
Editeur : Springer
Date de parution : 1999
Pages : 302

At the intersection of environmental science and human biology this book deals with dry ecosystems - aridity, droughts, wind and its influence on soils and regulation - the societies affected by these ecosystems, and the inventiveness of those living under these conditions. These environments are the basis of nomad existence, of irrigated agriculture and of the first civilisations dependent on streams. Changes in the modern epoch, the ever-increasing technology and demographic development show that environmental degradation and the socio-economic situation cannot be explained by just one factor. This book tries to answer the question whether long-lasting development is possible in dry environments.

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