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Innovative sanitation services for Bamako, Mali


Titre : Innovative sanitation services for Bamako, Mali

Pays/Région : Mali

Date 01-Jun-2016 / 30-Nov-2017

The excreta produced in the District of Bamako originate mainly from individual sanitation systems, and are removed and transported by a very active private sector of emptying operators. They fill a void left by the local authorities, responsible for fecal sludge management but incapable to manage this sector on their own. The profession of emptying operators, in its current state, is confronted with many difficulties, which are, amongst others : the bad mechanical condition of the vacuum trucks, the lack of hygienic and protective equipment, the low profitability of the business, the difficulty to meet the demand which stays very modest, or the absence of a legal framework for the emptying sector. In response to these constraints Protos and its partners, among which the Dutch Practica Foundation, by means of this project, are looking to research and develop solutions fit for reinforcing the fecal sludge collection and transport market, in order to ensure the viability of the business, thereby watching over the quality and accessibility of the proposed services, all while preserving the environment. The project will focus on the « fecal sludge collection and transport » link in the fecal sludge management chain. To ensure an optimal management of this sector, it is essential to guarantee the physical and economical accessibility (access to the septic tanks at affordable rates) for the majority of households and the profitability of the activity of fecal sludge collection and transport, to ensure the durability of the business and the service. The action aims to develop : 1. Alternative services for fecal sludge collection, that integrate manual and mechanical emptying techniques, allowing to serve neighborhoods hard to access, as well as the most deprived households, who are currently served exclusively by unprofessional manual emptiers. 2. A call center for optimizing the encounter between offer and demand for fecal sludge collection services, according to the type

Impact : Improve the living conditions of low income inhabitants of 9 peripheral neighborhoods of the Municipalities I and IV of the District of Bamako.
Outcome : Within 18 months, the « fecal sludge collection and transport » link in the fecal sludge management chain is reinforced for 100.000 persons (13.300 households) of 9 neighborhoods of the Municipalities I and IV of the District of Bamako.
Output 1 : Within 18 months, one alternative service of fecal sludge collection, with a basic formula of €30, will be installed in each Municipality. Output 2 : Within 18 months, 20 emptiers (mechanical and alternative) will have improved their technical and financial performances. Output 3 : Within 18 months, 2.000 supplementary households in the 9 neighborhoods will be convinced to return to professional fecal sludge collection. Output 4 : The achievements of the project will be capitalized and distributed among 35 active services/institutions in the sanitation sector.

Total Budget : 276,854 EUR

Présentation : Aqua for All

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