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Sustainable Sand utilization management in Kilome, Kenya


Titre : Sustainable Sand utilization management in Kilome, Kenya

Promoting a Negotiated Approach

Pays/Région : Kenya

Date 01-Jul-2016 // 30-Jun-2018

Kilome lies in the arid and semi-arid Lower Eastern Kenya. The terrain is generally low-lying and experiences extreme rainfall variability where typically short wet seasons of about 300mm to 400mm are interspersed with long extremely dry seasons. Variations in the onset of rainy seasons add to the difficulty in prediction and preparations, and leads to inadequate food production. Temperatures range between 18°- 24°C in cold seasons and 24°-33°C in during hot days, causing high evaporation. Most of the land is used for agricultural purposes since most people depend on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood, which contributes 78 percent of all household income. Farm holdings range from small to large farms growing a variety of food crops, cash crops and livestock. Virtually all the rivers and streams in the Sub County are seasonal. Rivers are highly degraded due to rampant sand harvesting that has greatly contributed to lowering of ground water levels, drying of rivers, and reduction in water retention capacity and massive soil erosion. Nairobi’s construction boom needs the river’s sand, a situation that has constantly added pressure on sand harvesters to deliver more sand. The consequences are severe : droughts, crop failures, and even worse social insecurity as the led to violent clashes between the youth and the law enforcers and in some occasions local communities protecting their sand

Uncontrolled sand harvesting in the mid Athi River catchment has led to lowering of the water retention capacity of tributaries and distributaries, leading to reduced access to ground water in Kilome Sub County in Makueni County. The project will integrate water resource management through sustainable sand harvesting while strengthening livelihoods and economic opportunities for the local communities. Project participants include resource user groups, local communities, private sector and the County Government. To achieve this, the project will carry out research to link local knowledge with empirical data ; build local capacity and create opportunities for participation in the development of sustainable sand management plans ; and support negotiations among all the actors – including the private sector - to attain amicable and sustainable way of addressing the competing claims over sand and water resources. Alternative IGAs, suitable in the area will be explored to replace sand harvesting.

This project aims to promote integrated water resource management (IWRM) through sustainable sand harvesting, while working with resource user groups, the local communities, the private sector and the County Government in Kilome Sub County.

Population cible
Youth residing adjacent to rivers and streams affected, Water Resource User Associations, Sand Resource User Associations, women, County Government of Makueni, National Construction Authority, the river ecosystem

Total Budget : 243,870 EUR

Présentation : Aqua for All

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