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Exploration of sales channels for organic fertilisers for smallholders in Kenya


Titre : Exploration of sales channels for organic fertilisers for smallholders in Kenya

Making the sanitation value chain sustainable

Pays/Région : Kenya

Date 09-Mar-2016 // 28-Feb-2017

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenyan economy with 80% of Kenyans relying on agriculture as a living. The sector accounts for more than half of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture in Kenya is predominantly composed of smallholders practicing mixed farming ; they are highly vulnerable to climate stress episodes and to soil quality depletion as they mostly rely on rain-fed agriculture. As rainfalls are unpredictable and unreliable - analysis of Kenya’s water resources show a high water security threat across the entire area – high water-use efficiency ratio (WUE) is critical. WUE is the measure of a cropping system’s capacity to convert water into plant biomass or grain. It includes the use of water stored in the soil, and therefore, WUE relies on the soil’s ability to capture and store water. A lack of soil organic matter (SOM) in Kenya’s depleted soils decreases the ability of the soil to hold water, thus decreasing WUE, crop yields, and ultimately farmer incomes. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, lack of SOM in soils is a critical factor affecting food security in the country.

Sanergy produces a high quality biosolids-based organic fertilizer called Evergrow. Through this partnership with VIA Water, we will explore market entry strategies towards smallholders to ensure sustainability of our value chain. We will simultaneously launch sales and customer support through three different channels to measure the efficiency of each channel, create lasting relationships with farmers and providing them with useful agricultural good practices content

Measure the efficiency of one-on-one trainings, SMS based marketing and sales methods and the use of social media to reach smallholder farmers in Kenya with useful content and inputs.

Population cible  : Smallholder farmers in Kenya (Naivasha, Embu, Meru counties mainly).

Total Budget : 263,069 EUR

Présentation : Aqua for All

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