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Boost to sanitation in Bandiagara, Mali


Titre : Boost to sanitation in Bandiagara, Mali

Pays/Région :

Date 01-Nov-2015 // 30-Nov-2016

Mali is an extremely poor country but undeniably high in potential. It has high child mortality rates, lack of hygiene and water scarcity. Water-bourne diseases are a major problem in Mali. Due to the fact that girls rarely were allowed to go to school, 80% of adult women are illiterate. Not having received much formal education, their prospects in providing for their extended families, by being gainfully employed are low. The subregional authority (cercle) of Bandiagara consists of the city and the villages which are very poor. You can say this is a real grassroot project in a poor region whith least priviliged communities. A region hardly any facilities for save drinkingwater and sanitation, so the project will have a positive impact in the field of water and sanitation but also in the labour market because women will construct the facility as paid professional and probably maintaining the facilities and by training other women it will become a great social impact. (expend base).

The project aims to construct 8 eco-composting toilets. Two will be accessible for wheelchairs, two will be low-cost ’household’ type. A novelty in Mali really. The faeces and urine will be re-used on the farm of the vocational school, which gets support of the Stichting VAM. The women will be trained as professional masons and plumbers to start their own business

Primary objective of the project is : - introducing eco-toilets, their use ( fullness )and application - ameliorating hygiene and saving water - education on water, sanitation and hygiene

Population cible
Direct beneficiaries : 150 female students 10-12 staff 50 childeren in the crèche 8 women will be trained as professional plumber The project might have a large spin off. (difficult to quantify)

Total Budget : 19,000 EUR

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