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Water well Agricultural Secondary school (Burkina Faso)

Burkina Faso

Titre : Water well Agricultural Secondary school (Burkina Faso)

Pays/Région : Burkina Faso

Date 01-Apr-2015 — 01-May-2015

Today we have one water well equipped with an electrical downhole pump connected to a 12m3 water tower. The electricity at the school comes each day between 6 and 10PM from generator. We already see the limitation of this installation. Sometime we get enough water only until 12 AM. It depends of the usage made by the contractors, but also by the people at the school.

The secondary schools in Burkina Faso have very poor results (due to a lack of teachers, lack of motivation of the teachers and no follow-up of children). Moreover the studies are general not adapted to the environment. This makes it difficult for students to be motivated to study there or to be send there by their families since it will not be very helpful.

We want to make sure that we will not have a shortage of water and we first want to drill a second water well. This will give us a back up to the existing one if needed. We would also like to equip this new water well with an electrical pump this time powered by solar panels.The water will also be pumped into the existing water tower. During the day the water will be pumped with this system and if needed at night from at night from the other system powered by the electrical generator. Total Budget : 17,769 EUR

Présentation : Aqua for All

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