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The Impact of Desert Dust Across the Mediterranean


Titre : The Impact of Desert Dust Across the Mediterranean

Series : Environmental Science and Technology Library , Vol. 11

Edited by : Guerzoni, Stefano ; Chester, R. (Eds.)
Editeur : Springer
Date de parution : 1997
Pages : 406

The atmosphere is an important pathway for the transport of continentally-derived material to the oceans. In this respect the Mediterranean Sea is of special importance because its atmosphere receives inputs of anthropogenic aerosols from the north and desert- derived Saharan dusts from the south. The dusts, much of which is transported in the form of seasonal `pulses’, have important effects on climate, marine chemistry and sedimentation in the Mediterranean Sea.

This volume brings together reviews and specific-topic papers on the following aspects of Saharan dust transport to the Mediterranean Sea : (i) the modelling of Saharan dust transport, (ii) the chemistry and mineralogy of the dusts and their effect on precipitation, (iii) the contribution of the dusts to marine sedimentation, (iv) the aerobiology of the dusts, (v) climatic implications of Saharan dust transport.

The volume is aimed at students and researchers with an interest in the climate, biogeochemistry and geology of the Mediterranean Sea.


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