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Amu-Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation Project Uzbekistan


Titre : Amu-Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation Project Uzbekistan

Pays : Uzbekistan

Date d’approbation : 2015/01/27 Completion of project : December 2019

Many of the pump irrigation facilities in Uzbekistan were constructed in the Soviet era and now exceeds the expected service life of 20 years, though the equipment is still being used without large-scale rehabilitation. Because of this, water leaks and failures occur frequently, and the volume of water pumped is falling, leading to concerns of a serious impact on the volume of agriculture production if no measures are taken. These dilapidated irrigation pump facilities consume about 20 percent of the total power consumption in the country. Improving the power efficiency by modernizing these facilities is therefore a pressing challenge from the viewpoint of making energy use more efficient. Aiming to avoid the risk of stopping pump facility operations, ensure agricultural productivity and reduce the amount of power consumed, the Government of Uzbekistan has made rehabilitating dilapidated irrigation pump facilities, particularly those constructed in the Soviet era, a priority.
With large-scale irrigation facilities using at least 40 percent of the water intake from the Amu Darya River which is recognized as part of Uzbekistan by an international multilateral agreement, the Amu-Bukhara irrigation system in particular requires urgent measures to rehabilitate dilapidated irrigation pump facilities in the system in order to provide a stable supply of water for agriculture. The pump facilities in that irrigation system also use about 20 percent of the power used by all irrigation facilities in the entire country, and therefore rehabilitation is urgently needed in terms of energy efficiency as well.

By replacing two existing pump stations on main irrigation channels in the Amu-Bukhara irrigation system in the central part of the Republic of Uzbekistan, this project will provide a stable supply of water for irrigation to farms in the system and reduce the power consumption of the rehabilitated facilities, thereby improving the agricultural productivity and improving the energy efficiency in the system.
The loan funds will be allocated to replacing the pump facilities (Khamza-II and Kizil Teppa Auxiliary), to consulting services (construction monitoring, bidding assistance) and the like.

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Montant du prêt : Amount (million yen) 11,872

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Page publiée le 15 août 2017