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Mejerda River Flood Control Project (Tunisia)


Titre : Mejerda River Flood Control Project (Tunisia)

Pays : Tunisie

Date d’approbation : 2014/07/17 Completion of project : September 2022

Half of Tunisia’s land has a semi-arid climate with an average annual rainfall of only 500 millimeters. The Mejerda River is the only river in the country that flows year-round. Relatively ample rainfall and fertile farmland in the basin allow economic activities such as wheat production, ranching and food processing, thus make agriculture in the basin the key to the national economy and a vital resource for food security in Tunisia. The Mejerda River basin has flooded frequently in recent years, and the floods in January 2003 and February 2012 in particular caused immense damage. Such large-scale flooding goes beyond material losses in agricultural crops, infrastructure facilities and homes, causing socioeconomic damage such as economic stagnation and expanded poverty. Flood control for the Mejerda River is therefore a pressing challenge for smooth economic development in Tunisia.

Through infrastructure improvement including river improvement, this project aims to improve flood control functions in the basin of the Mejerda River which flows through northern Tunisia, thereby reducing of flood damage and improving the living environment of the local residents.

Funds from the loan will be allocated to river improvements, building new bridges and relocating existing bridges.

Organisme d’exécution : Direction Générale des Barrages et des Grands Travaux Hydrauliques (General Department of Dams and Large Hydraulic Works), Ministry of Agriculture

Montant du prêt : Amount (million yen) 10,398

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Page publiée le 10 juin 2017