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Water Programme for the Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Territories

Titre : Water Programme for the Palestinian Territories

Pays : Palestinian Territories

Numéro du projet : 2013.2257.7

Durée : 01.10.2013 - 31.12.2017

The situation in the Palestinian water sector is determined to a large extent by the Israeli policy of occupation. Israel’s broad control over the available water resources undermines the Palestinians’ capacity to guarantee their water supply and impairs further development of the water sector in the Palestinian territories. Arduous coordination and agreement processes with the Israeli authorities are partially responsible for the lack of environmentally compatible sanitation systems in many localities, creating health risks and adversely impacting the environment.

The project has been supporting the Palestinian partners in implementing these reforms since 2006.
In the current phase (2013 to 2016), project work is focusing on two priority areas :
Providing support in establishing a regulator to improve the performance capacity of service providers in the water supply and wastewater disposal sectors Further improving management skills among a number of providers, primarily by supporting providers in applying the new charges guidelines and by developing plans and capacities to help guarantee secure and reliable supply and disposal systems._ The project also supports the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) in implementing its gender strategy for the water sector.

Objectif : The capacity of institutions to manage, regulate and provide services in the water sector has improved. Water supply and sanitation services in the Palestinian territories are fully functional and meet customer needs. Poor and marginalised segments of the population also benefit from these services. Palestinian territories : Boy fetching water in a region without access to piped tap water, in the Wadi Qelt east of Jericho

Partenaire du projet : Palestinian Water Authority

Financement : 8 700 000 Euro

Présentation : GIZ

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