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Dry coastal ecosystems


Titre : Dry coastal ecosystems

Edited by : E. van der Maarel
Publisher : Elsevier

Volume 2 A
Date de parution :1993
Pages : 600

Volume 2 B
Date de parution :1994
Pages : 636

Volume 2 C
Date de parution :1997
Pages : 734

Dry coastal ecosystems have been important as objects of ecological research since the early days of ecology as a science. Many studies of coastal sand dunes have helped to constitute ecological theory and to understand how ecological systems function.
This volume, published in three parts, comprises numerous regional descriptions of important coastal dunes occurring virtually all over the world. It includes major new developments, which contribute to the general understanding of dry coastal ecosystems, and aims to encourage intensified efforts to increase man’s knowledge of this subject.
The first part covers the Polar Regions and Europe and the second deals with Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. The third part covers the general aspects of dry coastal ecosystems. All three volumes will be of great interest to ecologists and environmental scientists as well as to nature and landscape conservationists.


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