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Response mechanism and resources for migrants (MRRM) – IOM (Niger)


International Cooperation and Development

Titre : Response mechanism and resources for migrants (MRRM) – IOM (Niger)

Pays : Niger

Localisation : Niger : Arlit and Dirkou ;

Durée : October 2016 - October 2019

Mise en œuvre : IOM - International Organization for Migration

The project’s main objective is to support Niger’s response to complex migratory flows, promote feasible and effective alternatives to irregular migration from Niger and promote economic and social development through circular migration in the region.
Further information on the context of the project can be found in the Action Document of this EU Trust Fund Programme

Résultats attendus
* The MRRM is strengthened in partnership with national and regional authorities and thus contributes to better migration coordination as well as improved migration governance.
* Capacities of local authorities are strengthened to ensure adequate protection of migrants in transit and returning to Niger.
* A series of interconnected and viable development opportunities for migrants and local communities on the West Africa/central Mediterranean migratory route are developed.

Cout total (€) : 7 000 000.00
Contribution (EU) (€) : 7 000 000.00

Présentation : EU

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