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Genetic Olive Improvement

Afrique du Nord (Algeria Egypt Morocco Tunisia)

Titre : Genetic Olive Improvement

Pays : Afrique du Nord (Algeria Egypt Morocco Tunisia)

Code : IOOC/01

Approuvé : 30 December 1992

The objective of the project was to raise productivity of olive farming in the target countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Eypt and Turkey) to a level which would offset running costs and leaves the producer with what is considered a satisfactory net profit margin under current socio-economic conditions. This productivity threshold is when productivity reaches 2000 kg of olives per hectare. The project introduced appropriate technical measures to double this threshold. The project was performed in two stages : during the first stage, a number of crossbreeding trials were conducted in research centres and, in the second stage, best performing varieties were chosen for field trials and evaluation in different countries. Cross-breeding led to increased oil content and quality.

Agence d’exécution : Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR) – Istituto de Ricerche sulla Olivicoltura, Perugia, Italy

Coût total : USD 797,950
Common fund grant : USD 499,332
Contre Partie : USD 298,618

CFC (Common Fund for Commodities)

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