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Improvement of Fonio Post-Harvest Technology

Afrique de l’Ouest (Burkina Faso Guinea Mali)

Common Fund for Commodities

Titre : Improvement of Fonio Post-Harvest Technology

Pays : Afrique de l’Ouest (Burkina Faso Guinea Mali)

Code : FIGG/02

Approuvé : 30 December 1997

The overall objective of this project is to stimulate production, sales and consumption of fonio by improving post-harvest processing. The project seeks to reduce the cost of processing, minimise production difficulties, improve quality of the finished product and increase supply of the processed products to urban and export markets. Benefits The main benefits of the project are expected to be : • Supply will increase through the use of more efficient equipment where the dehulling yield will increase from 50% to 60%, which will contribute to the food supply for the local population. • By mechanizing dehulling and washing operations, the consumer price of dehulled and washed fonio will decline by about 25%, this will increase the demand. The project impact at the production level will lead to an estimated additional 50,000 tonnes of fonio produced in West Africa. This would mean an increase of USD 12 million in income. • With regard to the social impact, mechanization will ease the workload, mainly for women and children. The availability of fonio will contribute to the food supply for certain populations, particularly in the rural areas where fonio plays an important role as an inter-harvest staple crop. • Environmentally, fonio grows on dry degraded soil and the development of its cultivation can help by regenerating the soil, to rehabilitate eroded and infertile areas unsuitable for the cultivation of other crops. Beneficiaries The main beneficiaries of the project would be : farmers, or groups of producers, who could, through better access to the markets, develop their production, thus increasing their revenues from the primary process ; manufacturers (artisans), who would ensure local manufacture and distribution of the machinery ; small existing or potential enterprises, consisting mainly of women in rural and urban areas, that process and market fonio ; urban consumers, who would obtain cheaper and better quality fonio more easily. The project comprises the following components : (a) Improvement of post-harvest techniques for producers ; (b) Development of processing techniques geared to the needs of operators ; (c) Promotion of the processed product on urban and export markets ; (d) Development of information on fonio post-harvest systems ; (e) Promotion of local manufacturing machines ; (f) Training of local operators. The Collaborating Institution in Burkina Faso is Centre National de la Recherché Scientifique et Technologique (CNRST), Burkina Faso.

Agence d’exécution : CIRAD-SAR (Centre de Corporation Internationale en Recherché Agronomique pour le Dйveloppement - Department des Systems Agro alimentaires et Ruraux)

Coût total : USD 1,451,582
Common fund grant : USD 915,382
Contre Partie : USD 536,200

CFC (Common Fund for Commodities)

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