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Poultry Centre (Ethiopia)


Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Titre : Poultry Centre (Ethiopia)

Pays /Region : Ethiopie

Zone d’intervention : Addis Ababa

Numéro projet  : MAK15/ET/01

Dates : 2015

Descriptif _ At the end of the project the management of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research is able to run a high qualified poultry demonstration farm in a sustainable way and to provide adequate training for commercial poultry farms in Ethiopia. After this project, there will be a thorough management, making the farm serve its purpose to the right level ; It can be uses as perfect example for poultry farmers in other regions of Ethiopia and as an example for a demonstration farm on other places in Ethiopia.

Through intensive support of the (daily) management of the training stables with regard to setting up the animals, feeding, the lighting, ventilation and hygiene. Plus finding a good market and the training of how to run a sustainable poultry centre in the longer term. At the end of the project there will be a sound and sustainable management of the demonstration farm by EIAR. This demonstration farm will be run in such a way that it can and will be used as an example for other regions in Ethiopia and of a leading practical training centre.

Partenaires : NABC - Netherlands-African Business Council

Budget : € 14.950

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

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