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Smallholder Horticulture Development in Ethiopia


Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

Titre : Smallholder Horticulture Development in Ethiopia

Pays /Region : Ethiopie

Zone d’intervention : Addis Ababa

Numéro projet  : MAG14/ET/01

Dates : 2014

Descriptif _ The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to the development of a Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) development strategy and institutional framework aimed at supporting the sustainable growth of the smallholder horticultural sector in Ethiopia.

Starting point for the assignment will be the existing plans and proposals at MoA. Step-by-step the consultants will guide the different stakeholders through a process of design and formulation, gradually working towards the level of detail and comprehensiveness necessary for starting the implementation processes. The main tasks are summarised below : Familiarise with the existing proposals and ideas on the desired approach and strategy towards smallholder horticultural development among key policy makers in MoA and others within the Ethiopian public sector (EHDA, ATA, etc.) Develop a stepwise policy formulation plan and seek consensus on this plan within MoA. Organise several brainstorm meetings and workshops aimed at formulating the different elements of the horticultural development strategy together with MoA policy makers and invited external stakeholders. Provide background information and share experiences with MoA on different aspects of the horticultural development strategy and institutional framework as a basis for further planning and formulation. Review of the plans and proposals for the Ethio-Dutch Programme for Horticultural Development 2012-2015 in relation to the smallholder sector and formulate modifications where appropriate. Explore different institutional arrangements for the management and implementation of the Ethio-Dutch programme on inclusive growth and smallholder development in the horticulture sector based on (a) preconditions of EKN ; (b) institutional strengths and weaknesses of MoA ; (c) impact on effectiveness, efficiency and viability of the different institutional options. Seek consensus and obtain approval from the senior policy makers at MoA and other key stakeholders in the horticultural sector on the recommended institutional arrangements for implementing the Ethio-Dutch Programme. Produce a succinct report with the main conclusions and recommendations developed during the assignment.

Mise en œuvre : Advance Consulting B.V.

Budget : € 39,325

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (

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