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Smallholder Income and nutrition enhancement Project (SHIne) Senegal


Titre : Smallholder Income and nutrition enhancement Project (SHIne) Senegal

Pays /Region : Senegal

Zone d’intervention : Thies Diourbel

Numéro projet  : 21-1705

Dates : 2012/2016

The Smallholder Income and Nutrition Enhancement Project (or Project SHINE) aims to improve household nutrition, generate income and empower women to assume central roles in planning and attaining sustainable livelihoods for their families. Based on the Heifer model, this project utilizes integrated crop/livestock agriculture to secure livelihoods through training and assets. Project SHINE will benefit 5,700 families in 12 villages in the regions of Thies and Diourbel. Original families will receive sheep, goats, poultry, field and vegetable crop seeds and fruit tree seedlings. Participants receive technical training, including Heifer’s 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development, gender sensitivity, family nutrition and access to credit and value chain decision-making. Over five years, there will be two cycles of Passing on the Gift® (POG) for sheep and goats, and five POG cycles for poultry. By diversifying income sources and adding value to crops and livestock, participants will address the challenges of access to food and proper nutrition, while increasing their access to markets and better adapting to major economic and environmental shocks

Partenaires : ChildFund (funding partner) Ministry of Livestock Tostan Institute of Research and Agriculture Department of Water and Forestry Agricola

Budget : Total : $732,592 ■■ Heifer’s goal : $430,927 ■■ cofunder : $301,665

Heifer International

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