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Invertebrates in Hot and Cold Arid Environments


Titre : Invertebrates in Hot and Cold Arid Environments

Auteur : Lauritz Somme
Editeur : Springer-Verlag
Date de parution : 1995
Pages : 275

Comparisons are made of the adaptations of invertebrates from polar deserts with those of temperate and subtropical deserts. These regions represent some of the most hostile environments on earth and an array of strategies for survival has been developed.
Polar species are well adapted to cold and experience arid conditions due to low precipitation and lack of liquid water during the winter. Similarly, temperate desert invertebrates are adapted to dry conditions and are also exposed to low winter temperatures.
Terrestrial arthropods maintain their water balance through behavioural and physiological adaptations. Tardigrades and nematodes are remarkable in their ability to lose all their water, enter a state of anhydrobiosis and be revived when moisture becomes available again.


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