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Land rehabilitation through afforestation (Botswana)


Titre : Land rehabilitation through afforestation (Botswana)

Pays : Botswana

Numéro projet : BOT/SGP/OP6/Y1/CORE/LD/16/07

Domaine : Land Degradation

Durée : Start Date : 12/2016 End Date : 12/2017

Bénéficiaire : Makomoto Woodlands Conservation Trust

The project aims to reclaim degraded land and empower communities on wise use of natural resources. The rehabilitation and reclaiming degraded land will be through tree planting. An educational awareness programme for the community will be delivered information on the importance of wise management of natural resources.

The Makomoto Woodlands Conservation Trust has observed that there is high demand in firewood and the residents of Makomoto sell to earn a living. This has led to uncontrolled cutting down of trees, hence deforestation and degradation of the land.

Grant Amount : GEF (SGP) : US$ 23,771.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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