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Geomorphology of Desert Dunes


Titre : Geomorphology of Desert Dunes

Auteur : Nicholas Lancaster
Editeur : Routledge
Date de parution : 1995
Pages :312

Desertification, land degradation and other geological hazards have resulted from the remobilization of dune areas and climatic change. Dune forms and patterns of the world’s deserts raise fundamental questions about arid geomorphology. Recent developments - in satellite imagery, oil and gas discoveries in ancient dunes - have significantly advanced our understanding.
Geomorphology of Desert Dunes explores how desert dunes are formed, how they change and their environmental importance. Drawing on extensive research from the deserts of Africa, North America, India and Australia, the author concludes that a better understanding of dune processes and dynamics is vital for effective and appropriate mitigation of environmental problems in arid regions.


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