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Desertification Control in the Arid Ecosystem of India for Sustainable Development

Vedams Books from India

Titre : Desertification Control in the Arid Ecosystem of India for Sustainable Development

Edited : Surendra Singh and Amal Kar
Publisher : Vedams Books from India
Date de parution : 1997
Pages : 393

1. Desertification-causes, impact and future trends in Indian arid zone/A.S. Faroda & Surendra. 2. Strategies for combating desertification in Indian and ecosystem/J. Venkatesvarlu. II. Natural Endowment : 1. Climatic features of the Indian arid zone/Y.S. Ramakrishna. 2. Landforms of arid ecosystem of western India/Surendra Singh, Amal Kar & P.C. Vats. 3. Soils of Indian arid ecosystem/A.S. Kolarkar, D.C. Joshi & Nepal Singh. 4. Water resources of Indian arid zone/M.A. Khan. 5. Vegetation of the Indian arid ecosystem/Suresh Kumar. 6. Landuse and agriculture in Indian arid ecosystem/Balak Ram & Gheesa Lal. 7. Livestock and wildlife of Indian arid ecosystem/A.P. Jain, B.D. Rana & M.S. Khan. 8. Human resources of Indian arid zone/L.P. Bharara. III. Risk Assessment : 1. Impact of droughts on Indian arid ecosystem/A.S. Rao. 2. Water erosion and flash flood hazards in Indian arid ecosystem/N.S. Vangani. 3. Wind erosion and its control in Indian arid ecosystem/P. Gupta, B.M. Sharma & P. Raina. 4. Waterlogging and salinisation in the Indian arid region/D.C. Joshi & R.P. Dhir. 5. Trend of ground water levels and their impact on arid ecosystem of Rajasthan/S.C. Paliwal & D.C. Sharma. 6. Impact of surface water harvesting structures in Indian arid ecosystem/K.D. Sharma. 7. Mining activities and degradation of habitats in arid Rajasthan/S.K. Saxena, N.S. Vangani & A.S. Kolarkar. 8. Impact of industrial effluents on the biophysical resources of the arid ecosystem/R.K. Aggarwal & Praveen-Kumar. 9. Impact of recent spurts in human and livestock population on arid ecosystem/M.L. Purohit. IV. Management and Improvement Strategies : 1. Desertification control-priorities and issues/R.P. Dhir. 2. Integration and assessment of resources for the management of degraded ecosystem/Surendra Singh, H.P. Singh & Amal Kar. 3. Management of water resources in the Indian arid ecosystem/N.S. Vangani, M.A. Khan & K.D. Sharma. 4. Monitoring and combating droughts for desertification control in Indian arid ecosystem/Y.S. Ramakrishna & B.V. Ramana Rao. 5. Control of flash floods and water erosion in Indian arid zone/K.D. Sharma & N.S. Vangani. 6. Management of degraded grasslands in the Indian arid ecosystem/K.C. Singh & S.K. Sharma. 7. Improvement of grasses for desertification control/M.S. Yadav. 8. Improvement of indigenous tree species in Indian arid zone/K.R. Solanki, Manjit Singh & N.L. Kackar. 9. Role of microorganism in tree establishment in arid regions/A.V. Rao & J.C. Tarafdar. 10. Biotechnology for tree improvement in Indian arid ecosystem/N.L. Kackar, Manjit Singh & K.R. Solanki. 11. Role of arid horticulture in combating desertification/B.B. Vashishtha. 12. Agroforestry for desertification control in arid ecosystem/J.P. Gupta & A.K. Sharma. 13. Management of dryland crops in arid ecosystem/T.K. Bhati. 14. Management of irrigated crops in Indian arid ecosystem/N.L. Joshi & Anurag Saxena. 15. Stabilization of sand dunes and their management in Indian arid zone/L.N. Harsh & J.C. Tewari. 16. Livestock and wildlife management in Indian arid ecosystem/B.D. Rana, M.S. Khan & A.P. Jain. 17. Rehabilitation of mined wastelands in Indian arid ecosystem/S.K. Saxena, K.D. Sharma & B.K. Sharma. 18. Recycling of industrial effluents for control of desertification in Indian arid zone/R.K. Aggarwal & Praveen-Kumar. 19. Solar energy utilization in Indian arid zone/Jagdish P. Gupta & P.C. Pande. 20. Management of energy resources in the Indian arid zone/P.C. Pande & Jagdish P. Gupta. V. Technology Transfer : 1. Success and failure in transfer of technology in combating desertification/K.N.K. Chauhan & R.N. Singh. 2. Role of on-farm research and the farming systems perspective in sustainable development of Thar Desert/H.P. Singh. 3. Socio-economic aspects of controlling desertification in arid zone of Rajasthan/K. Anantharam, D.K. Saha & G.N. Bhati.

Vedams Books from India

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