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Desertification : An Indian Scenario (An Annotated Bibliography)

Jodhpur, Scientific

Titre : Desertification : An Indian Scenario (An Annotated Bibliography)

Auteur (s) : A.V. Rao, B.K. Garg and D.C. Ojha
Publisher : Jodhpur, Scientific
Date de parution : 2000
Pages : 284

In India, the problem of ’Desertification’ is recurrent with visible evidence of its ravages in Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner districts. According to a recent estimate by Govt. of India, 32. 7 per cent of the country’s land is affected by different degradation processes.
Arid areas in our country experience an annual rainfall between 100 and 400 mm with a very high coefficient of variation ranging from 40 to 70 per cent. Low and erratic rainfall coupled with extreme temperatures and intense solar radiation (200-600 cal cm2 day 1) results in frequent crop failures and considerably affects the agricultural economy in the region. Occurrence of consecutive droughts along with high wind velocities (40 km h 1) during summers leads to wind erosion resulting in creeping of the sand dunes covering fertile agricultural lands and blocking of roads and rail tracts. Besides the poor rainfall, the sub-soil water is found at a depth of 70 to 120 m on an average. Even for drinking purposes, people have to depend mostly on rain water stored in the reservoirs and during the drought, which is quite, often in the desert, the cattle breeders and sheep farmers migrate with their herd of cattle to distant places in search of water and fodder.
Recently an effort has been made in bringing out a publication entitled "50 years of Arid Zone Research in India : An Annotated Bibliography". The publication has been very well received by the scientists, researchers and others working on arid zone of India. Since then a need has been felt to collect all the scattered information on various aspects of causes and consequences of desertification and measures for combating desertification at one place in the form of a book.

The present publication, which contains 932 research articles, has been divided in 5 major groups. The publication running in around 280 pages has covered more than 600 authors. At the end of the publication, Author index, Keyword index and Source index have been provided which will be useful in searching the desired information very easily. All entries in this bibliography have been arranged alphabetically within one subject group but the serial numbers for all the entries are in continuation."

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