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Assistance to Egyptian returnees from Libya


Titre : Assistance to Egyptian returnees from Libya

Pays /Région : Egypte

Code et type d’opération : ID : 200835 Emergency Operation (EMOP)

Durée : 01 May 2015 –31 July 2015

Libya is undergoing considerable political unrest and violence has escalated throughout 2014 and into 2015. Three years on from the international community’s intervention in Libya, the country finds itself in complete disarray with the state apparatus crumpled.
In August 2014 nearly 50,000 Egyptians arrived at the Musaid-Salloum border crossing were supported to return to Egypt. The Egyptian Government project that the number of economic migrants returning to Egypt will reach as much as 500,000 people by the end of 2015.
Returnees arrive in Egypt with limited or no means of subsistence and face the challenge of finding employment. Most returnees are low-skilled labourers originating from the economically stressed region of Upper Egypt whose villages of origin have few economic prospects. As such, there is an immediate need to support vulnerable and food-insecure Egyptian returnees in a context of rising food prices and an already overstretched social and economic system.
In response to this crisis, the Government of Egypt has requested WFP’s assistance to support an estimated 60,000 returnees affected by the conflict through a three month Emergency Operation (EMOP).
The EMOP will deliver food vouchers to quickly and efficiently provide support to vulnerable returnees on a short-term basis for a three month period. Longer term assistance is not foreseen to be required as it is expected that these returnees will be assisted through the ongoing WFP Country Programme (200238) with Food for Training and Food for Education activities, which will support returnees to reintegrate into their communities.

Nombre de bénéficiaires : 60,000

Coût total pour le PAM : 2,822,361 $

Programme Alimentaire Mondial (WFP)

Operation Document (6,37 Mb)

Page publiée le 11 août 2017