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Spring Forward for Women (Jordan)


Titre : Spring Forward for Women (Jordan)

Pays : Jordanie

Localisation : Al-Mafraq Poverty Pockets

Durée : November 2012- October 2016

UN Women, through this programme, aims to promote access and develop the impactful participation of marginalized women in economic and public life by addressing the barriers that have led to their exclusion. In close collaboration with its partners, UN Women’s interventions are planned based on the results of the demand-driven needs assessment that has been conducted in the poverty pockets areas of the Al-Mafraq Governorate. Within the context of improving the access of marginalized and vulnerable women to economic opportunities, the activities under this initiative include capacity building, community awareness development, the establishment of local marketing channels, initialization and expansion of revolving micro-credit and business development services, and creation of a support base for proposed entrepreneurial income generating schemes. - See more at : women

* Improve marginalized women’s access to economic opportunities through the support to self-employment and micro and small enterprise start-ups.
* Strengthen the capacity of local and national partners (CBOs, NGOs, and government) to have an effective implementation of services towards poverty alleviation related to income generation, microcredit, and small business development.
* Enhance gender awareness among local and national partners

Financement : European Commission and UN Women

Budget : 710,000 Euros (EU) + $140,700 (UN Women)

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